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Welcome to Help to Heal, a service that offers a bridge between counsellors and people seeking help. We feature a large counsellor directory listing practitioners all over the UK, who are qualified to offer support and guidance on a wide range of issues. You can find a therapist by using either our search function or by browsing our counselling directory.

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Help to Heal also includes a section devoted to the numerous counselling methods and techniques. The history, origins and practice of each method are explained with a description of how they are used to address common problems.

Our Help and Support section features information about some of the problems that counselling can help to confront and overcome. Help-lines, websites and other resources are included for each different issue.

As well as information about counselling services, we've included a Helplines section for those looking for more immediate support. There are also further details about some of the main counselling organisations and professional bodies in the United Kingdom.

Visitors can also keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the fields of mental health with our Counselling Blog. It's regularly updated with posts about modality-specific articles which are then posted, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. Alernatively, if you'd like updates sent directly to your browser click the orange feed icon to subscribe.

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