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Name Location AccredMember Approach
Adrian Blake Kent BACP, UKCP Psychotherapy
Alison Waines Southampton BACP, UKRC Integrative
Amanda Thow Kent BACP, UKCP, UKRC Psychodynamic
Avril Allen Kent BACP, UKCP Integrative
Camilla Clark Lewes UKCP, BACP Art, Humanistic, Integrative
Christine Wilson Hemel Hempstead UKAHPP, FDAP, BACP Humanistic, Integrative
David England Maidenhead UKCP (IPS), BACP Psychosynthesis
David Jones Eastbourne BACP, UKRC Person Centred
Diana Goss Portsmouth BACP, UKCP, UKRC Cognitive, Behavioural, Humanistic, Integrative
Donna Hayward-Sussex Slough BACP Integrative, Transactional Analysis
Drew Coster Godalming BACP Gestalt
Eddie Cummins Mitcham BACP Integrative, Humanistic
Eva Bayley Guildford UKCP Integrative, Humanistic
Fiona Hall Reading BACP Existential, Person Centred
Geoff Boutle Basingstoke BACP, UKRC Cognitive, Psychodynamic, Solution-Focused
Helen Clark West Byfleet BACP, UKRC Person Centred
Jaimie Cahlil Oxford BACP Integrative, Transpersonal
Jan Irwin Horsham BACP, UKRC Integrative, Psychodynamic
Jane Roe Lewes BACP, UKRC Integrative, Psychodynamic
Janice Upfold Redhill BACP, UKRC Humanistic, Gestalt
Jay Beichman Brighton BACP, UKRC Integrative
Jenni Camplin Bromley BACP, UKRC Humanistic, Integrative
Julia Foster West Sussex BACP Art, Gestalt, Integrative, Person Centred, TA
Juliet Bullock Teddington BACP, UKRC Humanistic, Integrative
Mary Davies Chertsey BACP, UKRC Integrative, Solution-Focused
Maggie Fisher Brighton BACP, UKCP, UKRC Integrative, Transpersonal
Michael Féat Oxon BACP, UKRC Cognitive, Behavioural, Humanistic, Integrative
Noreen Emmans Herne Bay BACP, UKRC, UKCP Cognitive, Behavioural, Humanistic, Integrative
Penny Carter Bromley BACP, UKRC Integrative
Peter Hanson Lewes BACP, UKRC Eclectic, Psychoanalytic, Psychodynamic
Sandra Blakeborough Portsmouth BACP, UKRC Integrative, Psychodynamic, Systemic
Shirley Russell Redhill BACP, UKRC Cognitive, Behavioural, Person Centred
Sue Cook Tunbridge Wells BACP, UKRC Integrative
Susan Forsyth Portsmouth BACP Cognitive Behavioural, Integrative, Psychodynamic
Tony Gauvain Cranleigh UKCP Cognitive, Behavioural, Solution Focused
Valerie Todd Redhill BACP, UKCP, UKRC Integrative, Person Centred, Psychodynamic

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