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Adolescent Counselling

Adolescent counselling is intended to help adolescents make sense of their feelings and behaviour. Approaches such as family therapy provide both parent and teenager with the chance of exploring their relationship and voicing their feelings in a supportive environment. Expressive techniques such as Art therapy offer an alternative to traditional verbal counselling, enabling the teenager to express themselves through different mediums.

Definition of Adolescence - Adolescence is a stage that involves the transition from childhood to adulthood, in which considerable physical and mental changes take place. It usually occurs between the ages of 10 and 19 years.

Physical change that occurs during this time is known as puberty. Because of puberty, teenagers may often feel over-sensitive and lack self-confidence as they come to terms with the changes they are going through. Mood swings and shyness are some of the most common features associated with adolescence. It is a period of vulnerability for the teenager, which requires support and understanding.

Teenagers often find their independence by making friends and widening their social circle. As they begin to carve out an identity, they become more susceptible to their friend's influences. In general this is a healthy process that enables the teenager to find a niche outside of the family environment. But occasionally peer pressure may lead to situations that need parental or professional guidance. Below are a number of help-lines and resources about counselling for teenagers.

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Teenage help-lines

Parent-line Plus - 0800 800 2222
This is a national charity that provides support and advice for parents that may be bringing up children after a break-up, resolving conflict in families, coping with a new baby and who need advice about bringing up teenagers.

Support Line - 0208 554 9004
An organisation that offers telephone help for a wide range of issues. Telephone counselling for teenagers is available from trained people that provide sympathetic, non-judgemental support and help.

Young people's organisations

Teen Help
This website provides confidential support for teenagers covering all issues. Included on the site are teenage forums and articles intended to provide adolescents with advice and help. They also provide an email service, with staff aiming to answer specific questions a young person may have.

Teen Today
An entertainment website geared towards the interests of teenagers and young people. The site offers forums and chat rooms that enable teenagers to interact with others in a safe, moderated environment.

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