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Careers counselling is intended to help people find new direction in their professional and working lives. Careers counsellors work with individuals to reassess their skills and potential, in an effort to help them work towards promotion or a change of career. A lack of motivation or uncertainty can sometimes require guidance and careful planning so that the individual can build a more positive, satisfying future.

Careers counsellors aim to increase an individual's chances of finding their desired job by improving their CVs and interview techniques. A variety of aptitude tests or questionnaires are likely to be used by certain counsellors so that they can learn more about the talents and personality of their client. This in turn will help them to find the most appropriate career path for their client.

Career changes can often make a big difference to a person's mental wellbeing, instilling a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. Professional guidance can help people to assess the feasibility of their goal and then work towards it. Careers advice is available to all, regardless of age or standing in an organisation.

Graduates and school leavers can also benefit from careers advice counselling. University graduates sometimes need help in finding jobs to match their skills, while school leavers may need help in plotting their career path. We've provided a list of phone numbers and a selection of careers advice counselling resources that may be of some help.

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Careers help-lines

ACAS - 08456 474747
They specialise in improving employment relations and helping companies solve problems in the workplace. Their helpline is available for anyone who is suffering work-related bullying - operators provide confidential support.

Careers Partnership - 01455 284 023
An organisation that provides advice and information about career development. They work with people of all ages and aim to help people work towards their long-term career goals through face-to-face consultations.

Information about careers and jobs

Also known as Graduate Prospects, this registered charity offers help and advice to graduates looking for work that matches their qualifications. The site contains information and tips about CVs, interview techniques and has an extensive database of jobs.

One of the leading providers of employment and recruitment information in the UK. The site contains a massive range of jobs and there are also services that help people build a successful CV. There's also a section on Careers advice together with tips on finding the right job and changing careers.

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