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There are a variety of different approaches to Marriage counselling. Psychodynamic therapy is one of the most traditional and attributes unresolved conflicts from the past to marital problems experienced in the present - the needs of both people are seriously considered. Behavioural therapy is also a popular approach encouraging the modification of behaviour patterns that may have a negative effect on the marriage.

Marriage counselling - Most couples experience periods of difficulty during a marriage. Debt, illness or infidelity can put significant strain on marital life and sometimes cause separation or divorce. Poor communication can also be problematic, preventing a couple from discussing and solving contentious issues. This is where marriage counselling might prove helpful.

Marriage counsellors attempt to improve the interaction between couples by developing listening, problem-solving and communicative skills. They also provide people with the opportunity to voice their frustrations in an environment conducive to expression. Approaches to marriage counselling vary - some practitioners meet people individually while others prefer to work with both husband and wife together.

There are different routes couples can take when looking for marriage guidance counselling. Many private counsellors offer help to people experiencing relationship difficulties. They can be found through our directory or by using the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy web-site. Alternatively couples counselling agencies such as RELATE provide an effective and affordable service. They also have proven track-records in marriage guidance counselling and therapy.

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Marriage guidance help-lines

Support Line - 0208 554 9004
They provide a confidential service for people experiencing any kind of problem. Their operators are trained to provide support on any issue. They may also guide the caller to a selection of support services that specialise in particular areas.

Relate Help-line - 0845 130 4010
Helpline that provides help and support to couples experiencing marriage and relationship difficulties. Operators can also give callers information about marriage guidance counselling services in the UK.

Marriage guidance counselling online

They are the biggest, and most well-known provider of marriage counselling and relationship therapy in the UK, with over 150 000 clients a year. They have more than 600 centres in the UK and Northern Ireland and have a proven track record in helping couples experiencing difficulties.

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