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Relationship counselling is often practiced using techniques such as interpersonal therapy. This approach, which places emphasis on the nurturing of personal relationships, is useful at addressing and solving many relationship problems. Brief therapy is also used for couples counselling and often works within a time-limited framework - this is sometimes more effective at helping clients to work towards clearly defined goals.

Relationship problems - Most relationships are subjected to pressures at some time or another. Factors such as money, work and health can all play a part in creating issues that may cause strain. In addition, couples may encounter situations that require important, possibly life-changing decisions such as marriage or family planning.

Relationship counsellors meet with people individually and as couples. Their approach is similar to marriage counselling and focuses on problem-solving and communication skills. Group therapy is also helpful for those comfortable enough to participate, enabling people to share similar experiences.

Couple counselling is not always sought as a means of repairing a relationship. However, it is often very effective at helping people to maintain lasting relationships as well as correcting negative behaviour patterns that cause problems. Below, we've included a selection of relationship counselling resources and help-lines that may be of some help to couples.

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Couple counselling help-lines

Relate Help-line - 0845 130 4010
The telephone service, offered by the well-known registered charity. All calls are confidential and operators provide information about couple counselling as well as the support available in the caller's local area.

Support Line - 0208 554 9004
This national service offers emotional help to people with any kind of problem including relationship difficulties. Lines are manned by trained people who will provide information relevant to the caller's issue.

Couple counselling resources

Relate Couple Counselling
Relate couple counselling is one of the most well-known and successful resources for couples seeking counselling and support. They offer work-shops, consultations, advice and phone support, intended to help people suffering from relationship difficulties. Their centres are found throughout the UK.

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