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Stress Counselling

Stress counselling is practiced using techniques such as behavioural therapy. Practitioners using this technique encourage their clients to consider why they react to certain situations and attempt to help them alter their responses. Client-centred therapy is also appropriate for people suffering from stress and explores the reasons why certain events act as triggers for people.

A definition of stress - Stress can have both positive and negative influences. If channelled correctly it can help with motivation, enabling a person to meet challenges or confront problems. However, negative stress also has the potential to effect peoples physical and mental health.

Eustress, acute and chronic stress are some of the most common types. Eustress is a positive and productive form, capable of improving motivation as well as providing inspiration in certain instances. Acute distress is a short-term reaction to certain stressful events like road rage, while chronic stress occurs more frequently and may seem to be a regular feature of a person's life.

Stress management counselling is often useful at assisting people in limiting the negative effects of stress, as well as preventing physical or mental problems. It can help people to recognise the major causes of stress in their life and make changes that will help them to react less to stressful situations. Below are a selection of help-lines and organisations that offer stress management counselling resources.

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Stress counselling help-lines

International Stress Management Association Help-line - 07000 780 430
This registered charity works to reduce stress of all kinds and provides a helpline that offers emotional support to people and provides information about stress management counselling services.

Support Line - 0208 544 9004
A national telephone line service that offers support for people with any type of problems. Their operators provide advice and information about all kinds of issues and should be able to help people looking for stress counselling services.

Stress support services

International Stress Management Association
A charitable organisation established to raise awareness of all types of stress. They also promote stress support services, and encourage the development of techniques of benefit to sufferers.

The Stress Management Society
They help to combat stress through a variety of techniques. The website provides tips and advice on how best to cope with stress and also has information about workshops and stress management services intended to educate people about effective stress management techniques.

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