About Help to Heal

My name is John Shelabarger, owner and administrator of Help to Heal. Launched in 2006, Help to Heal was inspired by the positive experiences that I’ve gained through counselling.

I first sought counselling in 1999 to address issues arising from a family bereavement. The therapist, who was a person-centered practitioner, helped me to work through numerous unresolved issues arising from the event and provided invaluable support during a challenging time. Since then, I have also experienced EMDR therapy as well as non-denominational counselling at registered charity, Ealing Abbey.

The goal of this site is to help people find the right kind of professional support so they can confront personal issues. It is my strong belief that everybody can benefit from confiding to a trained professional. Although originally a counselling directory, the focus of my website has now been changed to include additional support services such as helplines and charities.

I do not profess to be an expert in counselling or psychotherapy and have no qualifications in this area – my expertise actually lies in web development and copywriting.  However, all of the content on Help to Heal has and continues to be written in very close consultation with BACP accredited counsellors, Lona Stafford MA, MBACP (Accredited.) and John A McCann MA Diploma Counselling MBACP (Accredited). Their contact details are:

Lona Stafford: [email protected]
John A McCann: [email protected]

Should you have any queries about my site please feel free to contact me at [email protected].

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