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Help to Heal is not an affiliate for the counselling services or organisations listed on its pages. While our aim is to help people find support, we do not recommend or endorse any of the organisations or websites listed on this website. Every effort is made to ensure that the websites on Help to Heal are bona fide.

To the best of our knowledge, the organisations and websites on Help to Heal provide genuine services. We do not take any responsibility for injury or damages incurred directly or indirectly from these organisations, websites or therapists included on Help to Heal.

Help to Heal will also not be held responsible for any false information provided, nor will we take responsibility for the level of competency and professionalism of individual counsellors. We strongly recommend the personal verification of counsellors, therapists or organsisations prior to making initial contact.

Help to Heal UK accepts no responsibility for any complaints made against the websites or organisations listed on the Help to Heal website. By accessing any information provided on Help to Heal, the individual will be accepting the terms and conditions found within this disclaimer.