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Best OCD Therapist Online UK. How to find an OCD Therapy Specialist for Treatment?

OCD is a mental condition characterized by obsessions and compulsions that impair the ability of the body to function well.

The recurrent and persistent obsessive thoughts force people with OCD to behave in a weird manner to cover up for their condition.

best ocd therapist uk

Research has shown that up to 3% of UK citizens are faced with this mental health issue. In case you suspect that you have OCD, you should visit an OCD therapist to help you. We’ll show you how to find the best OCD therapist UK.

OCD is totally normal like any other medical condition and you should not fear seeking help. If OCD is not treated early it may lead to complications that may hinder you from living a quality life.

OCD is characterized by frequent panic attacks, anxiety, fear, and guilt which may force some people to get into substance abuse to deal with the symptoms. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you should visit an OCD therapist.

The OCD therapist will assess your situation to affirm that what you are suffering from is indeed OCD. The therapist will then incorporate various techniques to help your condition heal.

These techniques might include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Exposure and Response Prevention, or any other to help you recover.

In case you are looking for an OCD therapist Online to start your recovery journey, Better Help would be a great place to start.

Is BetterHelp where you can find the best OCD Therapist UK – Online?

Several factors make Better Help your best option to get an OCD Therapist Online. Firstly, Better Help has a lot of therapists who deal with OCD.

These therapists are very experienced and well-qualified. The therapists have dealt with other people with OCD before and they have enough knowledge about OCD.

Better Help also stands out for its wide network of therapists. In numbers, Better Help has over 25,000 therapists worldwide and more than 1000 therapists in the United Kingdom. This large number means that you can always get a therapist who will give you the satisfaction you require.

To acquire the services of any of these therapists in the UK, Better Help only charges you as little as £50 – £80 / week, billed every four weeks. This amount is much cheaper compared to other options in the United Kingdom, both online and in person.

Once you are matched with one of those 1000-plus therapists from the United Kingdom, Better Help allows you to text your therapist at any time. You can schedule a meeting with your therapist at any time and the therapist will avail himself to assist you.

To ensure that you are satisfied, Better Help allows you to switch up your therapist if you are not satisfied. You are allowed to switch to a new therapist without incurring further costs.

In the unlikely event that the therapy at the platform does not work for you, Better Help allows you to cancel the subscription at any time which you don’t get on many other platforms.

Better Help provides its services to both android and iOS users. This ensures that everybody is included and anybody can access therapy without straining.

The good thing about Better Help is that you can receive therapy sessions from the comfort of your house within the UK. All you need to do is to log into the Platform and do a little scheduling with your therapist.

Better Help has made its services easily accessible to the low-income earners of the United Kingdom through a financial aid program. The platform has set aside £50M of financial aid to help those who cannot afford the services.

What are your other private options to get an OCD Therapist Online? How does Better Help compare with other platforms in the UK?

Apart from Better Help, there are a few other options for you to get an OCD Therapist. You can find an OCD Therapist Online or in person.

There is not a big gap between in-person therapy and online therapy. The satisfaction of online therapy is almost similar to that of in-person therapy.

However, there are a few things that make online therapy much better as compared to in-person therapy. Online therapy does not have much hustling since you can get services from your home any time you need them.

In-person therapy means that you have to face the prospect of traffic jams and waiting lists which consumes much of your time and energy.

In-person therapy is also relatively expensive as compared to online therapy. In-Person therapy charges £82 – £165 which is almost twice what online platforms charge.

Since Online therapy is better than in-person therapy, this article will mainly focus on online therapy.

It is important to note that not all Online Therapy Platforms are the same and therefore you need to make comparisons so that you can pick the best platform for you to get an OCD Therapist Online.

Below is a comparison between 3 of the top therapy platforms in the United Kingdom. See how they compare.

Comparison Table: Better Help Vs Calmerry Vs My Online Therapy

FeaturesBetter HelpCalmerryMy Online Therapy
CostCharges £50 – £80 / week billed every four weeksCBT costs from £42 per week, billed monthlyA 30 minutes Session costs £48 while 50 minutes session costs £90
Free TrialThe platform rarely has a free trialYou get a free consultation only the first time. After that, you start payingYou’ll get a Free Online assessment with a therapist before joining fully
Private InsuranceNo.Services are not generally covered by Private Health Insurance although it ranges for usersPrivate Insurance is only available in Online Video Sessions but not live chat
Financial AidIt offers financial aid to those who qualify based on the details they enter on the formDoesn’t have financial aid optionNo financial aid option

From the above table, Better Help stands out among the rest of the platforms because of its low prices and financial aid. This makes it the most ideal place for you if you are looking for therapies while watching your pocket.

Conclusion on finding the best OCD therapist online – UK

If you are looking for a good platform to get an OCD Therapist Online, Better Help is the best option for you. This is because of the massive benefits that Better Help Offers. If you are wondering how to get started at Better Help, sign up at the website, answer a few simple questions, and make your payments then wait to be linked with a therapist. After you are linked with your therapist you can schedule your sessions.