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Best EMDR Therapy for OCD Intrusive Thoughts in the UK – Online.

emdr for ocd

If you’ve ever struggled with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or grappled with debilitating intrusive thoughts, we understand how much of a challenge this can be, as well as the toll it can take on your daily life.

You may have heard through research of your own about something called “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing” or EMDR for OCD symptoms.

Fortunately, if you’re located in the United Kingdom, there are numerous ways that you can access EMDR therapy for OCD.

In this article, we’re going to share with you the ways you can acquire EMDR therapy for intrusive thoughts using multiple online platforms, as well as information and frequently asked questions about EMDR therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder.

Do I Have OCD? EMDR for OCD.

If you’re still questioning whether or not you may have obsessive compulsive disorder and have not received an official diagnosis saying so, it’s important to take that step first, before undergoing EMDR therapy for OCD. Down below is a list of some common symptoms those with OCD may struggle with.

  • Unwanted thoughts regarding aggression, sexual, or religious subjects.
  • Aggressive thoughts regarding harming yourself or others.
  • Needing things around you to be orderly and/or symmetrical.
  • Difficulty tolerating uncertainty.

Keep in mind this information is not equivalent to a medical diagnosis, rather it is to be used as a tool to help you understand more about the condition and if you may be exhibiting symptoms of it.

Accessing EMDR Therapy with BetterHelp

There are many different counsellors available on BetterHelp that specialise in EMDR therapy for OCD.

Expect your counsellor to move one finger back and forth, asking you to follow it with your eyes. This movement they’re stimulating is the same movement your eyes do during REM sleep.

While this is occurring, your counsellor will ask questions to bring difficult sensations and intrusive thoughts into your consciousness in order to help you process and get past them in a healthy way. The EMDR therapy cost UK with BetterHelp will set you back £50-£80 per week for one session and you can message your therapist anytime. It is billed to you every 4 weeks.

Accessing EMDR for intrusive thoughts with Virtual EMDR

The Turbo EMDR platform utilises an online interface to allow users to perform EMDR for intrusive thoughts by themselves, without a counsellor present.

The program follows EMDR protocol, is therapist-tested, and includes everything you need to perform EMDR therapy on yourself. The platform uses an integrated eye movement tool, as well as step by step guides and videos to assist you in the process.

While following the eye movement tool, the program will prompt you with questions to help you process your intrusive thoughts.

EMDR for OCD through Turbo EMDR will cost you less than £5 a month, for unlimited sessions during that pay period.