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Hear and Now Therapy Online & Near Me. How can you find Here and Now Counseling?

Most human minds are fixated on things that they do not have control over. It is easier for the mind to be distracted by other people’s success and lifestyle to the point that it makes you forget to appreciate the present.

here and now therapy

Focusing on the present is key to satisfaction for anybody. Thinking about the future will not make your life easier and that is why you should avoid focusing much on it.

While it is normal for people to drift away from thinking about the present, there are a few people who take this too far by overthinking the past or the future to the point where it becomes a menace.

People with PTSD tend to focus so much on the past while those with ADHD lose focus on the present easily until it becomes a mental issue.

If you have PTSD, ADHD, or any other mental situation where your focus on the present is impaired, you might need Here and Now Therapy to help align your mind to the present.

The therapist will deploy different Here and Now Therapy techniques such as the Grounding technique, Count Back technique, and psychotherapies. These techniques will tune your mind to the present so that you can be more productive.

While you can do these therapies at home by yourself, getting a professional therapist will help you to be well-monitored and get the right assistance. You should therefore look for Here and Now counseling to assist you with dealing with your mental issues.

In case you want access to Here and Now Therapy, Better Help could be a good start for you.

Why is Better Help your best option for Here and Now Therapy in the UK? Why does Better Help stand out?

There are several factors that make Better Help the best for online therapy in the United Kingdom. First of all, Better Help has a good number of therapists offering Here and Now Therapy. These therapists are well qualified to assist you as they have been well-vetted and have handled people with similar problems to yours.

Better Help has more than 25000 licensed therapists worldwide and more than 1000 therapists in the United Kingdom. No other platform has such a huge network of therapists. All these therapists have graduated with at least a Master’s Degree. This number of therapists means that you can never miss a therapist that matches your requirements.

In addition, Better Help Charges between £50 – £80 per week for their sessions. This amount is billed every four weeks. Compared to others, this amount is much cheaper. In-Person therapy for example cost £82 – £164 per session which is relatively higher than what Better Help charges for a week.

After matching you with one of the 1000-plus therapists in the UK, Better Help allows you to switch therapists in case you are not satisfied with the one you are matched with. You are allowed to do this without incurring further costs.

If you no longer need Better Help services, Better Help allows you to cancel your subscription at any time. This will cushion you from losing your money in case you are not satisfied.

What are your other options to access Here and Now Therapy? How does Better Help Compare with Other Platforms in the UK?

There are two ways you can access Here and Now Therapy. You can get Here and Now counseling either Online or in person. Before looking for one, it is important to make comparisons between Online and In-Person therapy to determine the one that is best for you.

Both online and In-Person therapy has advantages and disadvantages. However, online therapy might work well for you.

This is because online therapy doesn’t follow the hectic procedures that you would meet in traditional therapy.

For you to access a therapist in person, you’ll have to travel and incur traveling costs to meet your therapist. On top of that, you might have to remain on a waiting list until the time for your appointment comes.

In-Person Therapy might also mean beating traffic. This is so demanding as it deprives you of your time and wastes your energy.

On the other hand, you can easily access therapy online by just clicking your phone. You just need to go to the internet and look for platforms offering therapy services and you are good to go.

Online Therapy is also more pocket friendly as compared to in-person therapy. In-person therapy charges so much and you are not guaranteed quality.

In case you are wondering how you can get a good therapist online, below is a comparison between the best three online therapy platforms: Better Help, My Therapist Online, and My Online Therapy.

Comparison Table: Better Help Vs My Therapist Online Vs My Online Therapy

FeaturesBetter HelpMy Therapist OnlineMy Online Therapy
CostCharges £50 – £80 / week, billed every four weeksCBT costs between £58 – £82 per sessionA 30-minute Session costs £48 while 50 minutes session costs £90
Free TrialThe platform rarely has free trial offersYou get a free consultation only the first time. After that, you start payingYou’ll get a Free Online assessment with a therapist before joining fully
Private InsuranceIt’s not accepted.Services are not generally covered by Private Health Insurance although it ranges for usersPrivate Insurance is only available in Online Video Sessions but not live chat
Financial AidIt offers financial aid to those who qualify based on the details they enter on the formDoesn’t have financial aid optionNo financial aid option

From the above table, it is easy to see that Better Help is the Best Online Therapy Platform. This is because of the low charges and the financial aid.

The charges in one week at Better Help are similar to what other platforms charge for just one session. This makes it the most affordable paid platform in the United Kingdom.

Conclusion on here and now counseling

If you are in need of Here and Now Therapy in the United Kingdom, Better Help is your best place to find one. The benefits that Better Help offers should be enough to convince you that. In case you want to get started at Better Help, go and sign up at Better Help Platform. All you’ll need to do is answer very simple questions which will help match you with a great therapist. After filling out the form, you will be matched with your therapist and you can start your therapy.