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Drug Misuse Support

Drug misuse involves the excessive use of both legal and illegal drugs. For those suffering with addition as well as those closest to them, there are a variety of trusted organisations which can provide support.

Drug Misuse Charities and Organisations

Families Anonymous
This is a registered charity that offers drug abuse help in the form of day treatment and drug misuse counselling. They operate four treatment centres, three in London one in Liverpool, which practice the SHARP programme (Self-help Addiction Recovery Programme)

Drug Misuse Counselling

Drug misuse counselling is aimed at helping people to eradicate drug use from their lives. Approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy are commonly used in this area.

CBT counsellors view drug habits as beingsymptomatic of negative behaviour/thought patterns and faulty coping strategies. So they attempt to replace what they see as learned, maladaptive behaviour by using Solution-Focused techniques to produce more positive and healthy behavioural patterns.

Drug Misuse Helplines

ADFAM – 0207 533 7640
A major organisation that gives support to families affected by drug abuse. They provide information about treatment through a confidential helpline. The site also contains a support group search engine.

Talk To Frank – 0800 776 600
Also known as the National Drugs Helpline, their telephone service is open 24hrs a day, seven days a week and provides information about drug abuse treatment and the help available to users and their families.

Drug Misuse Explained

The constant use of any drug increases tolerance which requires larger doses to achieve the same effects. This in turn can lead to psychological dependence which may have a significant effect on the person’s lifestyle. Often the drug becomes central to a user’s existence.

Indicators of drug abuse include lack of motivation, mood-swings, stealing from family members or friends, and/or secretive behaviour. If an individual finds themselves regularly increasing their dose to maintain a high, or suffer withdrawal symptoms when they stop using a drug. it is highly likely that they have a drug misuse problem.

With any kind of drug use, recognition that there’s a problem is the first major step towards recovery from addiction. The person will require patience and support from their loved ones to help them come to terms with, and treat their problem.