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Drama Therapy

Drama therapy uses aspects of theatre to encourage personal discovery and growth. It is said to have a cathartic effect on individuals, enabling them to explore their emotions and feelings in a safe environment. Sessions often take place in groups.


Drama psychotherapy was used in French and German psychiatric institutions during the 19th Century. The practice was later advanced by Sue Jennings and Gordon Wiseman who set up the Remedial Dance Group. The founding of the British Association of Drama Therapists in 1976 would also do much to establish Drama therapy as as legitimate therapeutic approach.


Drama Therapy is a form of Expressive Therapy that is based on the theory that creative expression can have a healing effect on psychological problems. It has been used in a large range of settings like hospitals, prisons and schools. Practitioners use a variety of methods such as role-play, puppetry, improvisation and mime.

How can Drama Therapy help?

This approach is intended to assist personal growth and encourage positive change. It has been used to treat people with learning disabilities and personality disorders. It has also proved effective at treating drug and solvent abuse.

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