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Online EMDR Therapy UK – Who Has The Best EMDR Therapist Online?

Online EMDR Therapy UK

EMDR therapy, also known as Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing therapy, has been beneficial for millions of people since its development in the 1990s.

EMDR is a specialised form of psychotherapy that was developed to help alleviate the stressors associated with traumatic, and/or negative memories and thought processes.

Conventionally, EMDR has been performed for patients in-person with the help of an EMDR practitioner.

These days, with the ever-present rise of online therapy platforms such as BetterHelp, finding an EMDR therapist online is easier than ever. In this article, we’re going to share how you can find online EMDR therapy UK on multiple platforms.

BetterHelp EMDR Therapy vs. Virtual EMDR Therapy

Two of the most popular platforms for online EMDR therapy UK, are BetterHelp and TurboEMDR, a virtual EMDR tool.

Both platforms have the same end goal; to provide access for those who would benefit from EMDR therapy. However, the two companies approach this goal in completely different ways.

BetterHelp allows clients to receive EMDR therapy through, one-on-one video calls, phone calls or chat in the comfort of their own homes or another private place where they’d like to be.

Through this one-on-one call, clients will get direct guidance from their EMDR consultant and get the virtual “face-to-face” experience.

TurboEMDR on the other hand gives clients the ropes on running their own EMDR therapy session.

The tool, with the help of EMDR practitioners, has developed a program that utilises an eye-movement tool and step-by-videos to guide you through the process.

Accessing Online EMDR Therapy Through BetterHelp

When signing up for BetterHelp you will be prompted to answer a short questionnaire about your counsellor preferences and you’ll then be matched with a counsellor that aligns with your answers.

Once matched, your EMDR consultant will provide EMDR therapy over a one-on-one video call. While video calls are significantly less stressful than in-person one-on-one therapy, we’re gonna tell you a bit more about what to expect during this call in hopes of helping you feel more comfortable.

First, you will have a consultation with your therapist through your medium of choice, BetterHelp offers video chat, voice calls, messaging, and live chat. Once the two of you get to know each other, it is time for the actual EMDR therapy.

EMDR therapy follows a very strict set of guidelines  for it to properly work. Your EMDR practitioner will first begin to move their finger back and forth and instruct you to follow it with your eyes and focus on it.

This portion of the EMDR process stimulates the same movements that your eyes naturally do during the REM portion of the sleep schedule. While still moving their finger back and forth, your counsellor will begin to ask prompting questions to bring to light the thoughts that arise in your brain.

They may ask things like “What memories are you thinking of now?” or  “What physical sensations are you feeling?” Bringing these painful memories and intrusive thoughts back into your consciousness helps you begin to process them healthily with the help of your therapist.

To process your emotions and past negative experiences, you must allow yourself to feel them first. BetterHelp will cost you £50-£80 per week and this fee includes one session, as well as completely messaging your therapist anytime. The fee will be billed to you every 4 weeks. 

Real EMDR Qualified Therapy Consultants on BetterHelp

Georgina Nunez (LCSW): Ms Nunez is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 30 years of experience in the field. She is certified as a Trauma Therapist as well as a Complex PTSD therapist.

Keith Welsh (LCSW): Mr Welsh is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 22 years in the field. He specialises in many different mental health conditions such as panic attacks, anxiety, and depression.

Accessing EMDR Therapy Through Virtual EMDR

The TurboEMDR platform utilises an online interface to allow users to perform EMDR for intrusive thoughts by themselves, without a counsellor present.

The program follows EMDR protocol, is therapist-tested, and includes everything you need to perform EMDR therapy on yourself. So what features allow you to do this? After signing up for Virtual EMDR, you will be prompted to start an EMDR session.

The session offers clients a step-by-step guide throughout the entire process, either by reading or watching videos to understand protocols. You will need to follow a virtual eye movement tool that can be lightly customised to your own specific needs.

Conveniently, to look back on what you’ve done during the session, the platform has a client worksheet that records sessions automatically.

For the standard payment option without coaching, the EMDR Therapy Cost is less than £5 a month, which includes unlimited sessions during that entire pay period.

Pros and Cons of Each Online EMDR Therapy UK Platform

 BetterHelpTurbo EMDR
ProsYou get to talk to a real EMDR therapist online.   In the days following the EMDR therapy, you will still be able to message your counsellor regarding the therapy and how you’re feeling.You can do the process all by yourself and not have to speak to anyone.   You can do unlimited sessions for yourself after paying the monthly fee, there is no limit.
ConsYou will still have to talk to a therapist and that may be nerve-wracking for some.  EMDR requires expert experience and training to perform; when doing it by yourself you may do it wrong.  

Which way of Accessing EMDR Therapy is the Best?

We believe that the best choice you can make when choosing how to receive EMDR therapy is through the BetterHelp platform.

In our opinion, BetterHelp is not only the best bargain between other online EMDR options and in-person therapy, but it will also help you feel the most comfortable. In-person therapy costs the most of all three EMDR therapy options.

While private therapy is historically the way EMDR has been performed, BetterHelp helps you experience that same personal experience with a professional counsellor, but all from the comfort of your own home.

As for Turbo EMDR, the virtual method has not been clinically studied or reviewed and therefore doesn’t have enough evidence that it works.

You also run the risk of doing the program wrong, as you are not a professional EMDR consultant with experience in the therapeutic process. BetterHelp offers you professional, affordable, EMDR therapy sessions without ever having to leave your home.