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Online therapy has become a popular alternative to traditional in-person sessions, offering flexibility and accessibility that many find appealing.

But with so many options available, how do you choose the right one?

This article dives deep into reviews, exploring its services, costs, legitimacy, and overall user experience. In other words. is a web-based platform that provides mental health support through various online tools and resources.

Founded to make therapy more accessible and convenient, it offers a range of services designed to help individuals manage their mental health from the comfort of their own homes. Cost and Prices

Online Therapy Com cost is rather simple, prices start from only £31.5 per week (billed monthly).

online therapy com reviews

They then go up from there depending which extra services you may want.

But all in all, they offer the lowest prices for online therapy in the UK while still offering skilled licensed therapists.

Is legit? Here’s Their Reviews, History and Background has been in operation since 2009, aiming to bridge the gap between those in need of mental health support and licensed therapists. Over the years, it has expanded its services and refined its approach to ensure effective and user-friendly therapy solutions.

Credibility and Certifications employs licensed therapists with verified credentials, ensuring users receive professional and competent care. The platform is transparent about its therapists’ qualifications and experience. Reviews and Testimonials

Many users report positive experiences with, citing improvements in their mental health and the convenience of the platform. However, as with any service, reviews vary, and some users may not find it as beneficial as others.

Privacy and Security Measures

The platform prioritises user privacy and employs robust security measures to protect personal information. All communications are encrypted, and user data is handled in compliance with relevant regulations.

Services Offered

The platform primarily focuses on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), a widely recognized and effective method for treating a variety of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, and stress. In addition to CBT, offers supplementary tools like worksheets, journaling, and activity plans to enhance the therapy experience.

How Does Work?

Registration Process

Getting started with is straightforward. Users need to sign up on the platform by providing basic information about themselves and their mental health concerns. This initial step helps match them with a suitable therapist.

Selecting a Therapist

Once registered, users can select from a pool of licensed therapists. The platform allows some degree of flexibility in choosing a therapist, although the matching process is primarily based on the user’s needs and the therapist’s expertise.

Therapy Methods Used predominantly uses CBT, a goal-oriented therapy that helps individuals identify and change negative thought patterns. The platform offers structured therapy plans that include live sessions, self-help tools, and continuous progress tracking.

Types of Therapy Available

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT is the cornerstone of’s approach. It focuses on changing unhelpful cognitive distortions and behaviours, improving emotional regulation, and developing personal coping strategies.

Other Therapy Modalities

While CBT is the primary focus, also incorporates elements of other therapeutic approaches as needed, providing a well-rounded support system for users.

Features of

Live Sessions

Users can engage in live sessions with their therapists through video calls, making it easy to receive professional guidance without leaving home.

Worksheets and Exercises

The platform provides a variety of worksheets and exercises designed to reinforce the principles learned during therapy sessions. These resources help users practice and apply their skills in real-life situations.

Messaging and Journaling

Users can communicate with their therapists via messaging, allowing for continuous support and feedback. The journaling feature encourages users to reflect on their thoughts and feelings, promoting self-awareness and growth.

Activity Plans

Personalised activity plans help users integrate therapy into their daily routines, setting achievable goals and tracking progress over time.

Pros and Cons of


  • Accessibility: Available anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Flexibility: Users can schedule sessions at their convenience.
  • Affordability: Generally cheaper than traditional in-person therapy.
  • Anonymity: Users may feel more comfortable sharing sensitive information online.


  • Limited Personal Interaction: Some users may miss the in-person connection.
  • Technology Dependence: Requires a stable internet connection and basic tech skills.
  • Not Suitable for Severe Cases: May not be ideal for individuals with severe mental health issues requiring intensive intervention.