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Online Therapy London. How can you access Online Counselling in London?

The online therapy in London has expanded massively since the Covid-19 virus. Before Covid-19, most of the therapy sessions were offered in person and one had to go to the office to meet a therapist.

With the digitalization that was triggered by Covid-19, now you only need to have a device and internet to meet with your therapist.

online therapy london

Why is BetterHelp your best option to access online therapy in London and online counseling in London?

Better Help stands out in the UK and London for a variety of reasons.

Better Help has more than 25000 therapists and more than 1000 therapists in the United Kingdom.

These therapists have a good understanding of English and other languages and would be able to assist you well.

If you need Online Therapy London or Online Counseling London, you can never miss a therapist or a counselor from Better Help who fits your requirement.

The therapist at Better Help have undergone a rigorous vetting process and therefore you need not worry about their quality.

Another reason why Better Help stands out is its prices. Better Help is among the cheapest therapy platforms in the United Kingdom and Worldwide.

BetterHelp Pricing for online therapy in London.

Better Help charges you just £50 – £80 / week, billed every four weeks. This amount is much cheaper compared to other platforms in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

In-person platforms for example charge you £82 – £165 per session which is almost double what Better Help charges in one week.

Better Help services are accessible to both android and iOS users. This ensures that anybody needing counseling or therapy is brought on board. If you have any of these devices, all you need to do is log into the website and start your therapy.

Better Help allows you to switch your therapist any time you are not satisfied. You can do so without incurring further costs.

In case the therapy doesn’t work for you, you can cancel your subscription at any time. This scenario is however very unlikely as Better Help offers high-quality services.

The good thing about Better Help is that you can message your therapist at any time. Once you are matched with a therapist, you can schedule your frequent meetings with the therapist. The therapist will be available to respond to you when you text him.

What are your other options for Online Therapy and Online Counseling in London? How does Better Help compare with other Platforms?

There are a few ways you can access Online Therapy London and Online Counseling London. You can either access it through Better Help or other online platforms.

Better Help has online competitors who equally offer great services. You have to make comparisons so that you can determine the platform that is most suitable for you to access Online Therapy London and Online Counseling London.

The table below is a Comparison between three of the best Online Therapy platforms in London and the United Kingdom: Better Help, My Therapist Online, and My Online Therapy.

Comparison Table: Better Help Vs My Therapist Online Vs My Online Therapy

FeaturesBetterHelpMy Therapist OnlineMy Online Therapy
CostCharges £50 – £80 / week billed every four weeksCBT costs between £58 – £82 per sessionA 30 minutes Session costs £48 while 50 minutes session costs £90
Free TrialThe platform rarely has a free trialYou get a free consultation only the first time. After that, you start payingYou’ll get a Free Online assessment with a therapist before joining fully
Private InsuranceIt is not accepted.Services are not generally covered by Private Health Insurance although it ranges for usersPrivate Insurance is only available in Online Video Sessions but not live chat
Financial AidIt offers financial aid to those who qualify based on the details they enter on the formDoesn’t have financial aid optionNo financial aid option

From the above table, it is easy to see why Better Help is the best platform for online therapy. The Better Help prices and the financial aid are a huge plus for anybody who is straining financially to access therapy.

Why online therapy is a good way to get therapy in London

With Covid-19 and all the restrictions now over, you might be wondering if receiving online therapy is still the best choice. In case you need conviction, online therapy is still your best option and it will never get obsolete.

Online therapy and online counseling have a lot of advantages that you can tap into. These advantages will be discussed later in the article.

There are many reasons you might need a therapist or a counselor online. Online therapy and counseling ensure that you can find a specialist who identifies with your religion or your language.

In addition, Online therapy means that you have the privacy that you would otherwise not get in in-person therapy. If you for example need couple therapy or couples counseling with your partner, doing it online feels much safer as the therapist is a stranger and won’t judge you.

Many people encounter mental conditions day-to-day that need the assistance of a therapist or a counselor. If you are in London, you are no exception and therefore when faced with such issues you should seek help.

This help has been brought closer to you at your home by Better Help through Online Therapy London and Online Counseling London.


If you are in London and need Online Therapy London or Online Counseling London, Better Help is the best place for you. Better Help services are customer centered and it has a lot of benefits that other platforms do not have.

In case you are so charged up to get started at Better Help, all you need to do is sign up at the platform and follow a few instructions that will help the matching algorithm to match you with the most appropriate therapist and counselor for you. After you are matched with a therapist, you can schedule your therapy sessions and begin your recovery journey.