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Private Counselling Cost – How much does a private therapist cost?

When individuals have poor mental health, their daily life will be affected greatly. They might not function as well as they should.

Therapy attempt to fix or adjust a mental health problem.

A session with one of the best therapists allows you to explore your feelings, thoughts, and behavioural patterns. It also helps you understand yourself and other people better.

private counselling cost

Private counselling focuses on your mental needs rather than only meeting periodic treatment targets or diagnostic requirements.

Now, when you are certain you need therapy, the next question probably on your mind would be, ‘How much does a private therapist cost?’

How much does a private therapist cost?

Therapy or counselling, in general, is not inexpensive.

The cost depends on the counsellor’s location, but generally, in the UK, the average private counselling cost is anywhere from £50 to £150 per session.

Though the time frame is relative, the average counselling session lasts around 50 minutes.

Many private therapists offer to make the first session free and reduce the rates for students, unemployed clients, and people earning low wages.


Calmerry provides outstanding counselling services for people in the UK. The patients are assigned to therapists based on their unique needs. Clients can easily make schedules based on their preferences without changing their location. Calmerry offers a suitable option for those who require mental health counselling but can’t or don’t want an in-person session.

To get started with Calmerry fill out the short questionnaire and they’ll match you with a suitable therapist.

Calmerry Private Counselling cost

Compared to other mental health platforms available to UK users, Calmerry has one of the cheapest private counselling costs. The price they offer per session is more affordable than in-person therapy, and they have financial aid plans. Their financial aid plan makes it more inclusive and allows a wider range of people have access to their service.

Prices for Calmerry are from £41 weekly (billed monthly), this includes a weekly session and messaging your therapist anytime. Your fee can be reduced depending on your employment or financial status. Payments can be made via credit card, PayPal, or GPay. The company asks for a down payment for the first four weeks. After that, you’ll be charged every four weeks.

Why Calmerry is a better and cheaper option

While other counselling platforms appear to ask for a reasonable fee, Calmerry does it better. At Calmerry, clients are matched with therapists that meet their specific needs.

Calmerry doesn’t take private insurance, instead, it focuses on offering affordable monthly packages covering four sessions at a lower cost compared to what you’ll find elsewhere.

To apply for their financial aid, you need to create your profile first and click on the payment page. You will be asked for your current employment status, the amount you (and your spouse if applicable) earn monthly, and if you have any dependents or children. The company will review your application, and you’ll receive a discount if it is accepted.