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BetterHelp Reviews UK – Therapy + Best Promo Codes.

In this article we share individual BetterHelp reviews UK and our own review based on our findings.

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BetterHelp reviews from the UK are in general great. If you don't get a therapist you love, you can easily switch to one of their many other therapists.

They are worth a try considering their affordable rates and overall positive reviews.

£50-£80 per week (billed monthly).
Video, phone, live chat, messaging.
Over 1000 UK therapists.

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betterhelp uk

If you or someone you know is struggling with this issue, you ought to consider BetterHelp UK as a good quality and lower cost alternative .

Can I use BetterHelp in the UK?

Yes. Betterhelp is available in the UK and has over a thousand UK therapists on staff. Many brits are using BetterHelp and it only looks like it will increase.

Prices are £50-£80 per week (billed monthly).

What is BetterHelp UK?

The first thing we should cover when looking at BetterHelp reviews UK, is what the company is all about. BetterHelp is the world’s largest service for online therapy, with a strong focus on affordability and accessibility. It’s hands down the best online therapy in the UK.

The site hosts a network of experienced therapists who can help with a vast range of mental health and life issues.

The platform was founded in 2013 and headquartered in the US in the state of California.

Is there a better Alternative to BetterHelp?

As a great, if not better alternative we recommend

They have reliable licensed UK based therapists that you’ll match with instantly and be able to chat with right away.

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BetterHelp Reviews UK – Real Stories

“I’d been putting off finding a therapist because I was sifting through local recommendations and not finding a good match.

Then I joined BetterHelp, answered a few questions, and was paired with a fantastic therapist within minutes”


More BetterHelp Reviews UK:

“This is the perfect therapy for me. I am a busy person having to balance work full time, school full time, and life full time…They really seem to care about you and want to get to know you. I’ve recommended it to lots of friends/family.”


“I was pretty apprehensive when I finally decided to try online therapy. I’ve done in-person therapy for 15 years and wasn’t sure I’d be able to connect with my therapist without being able to meet the person face to face…They have been very supportive, financially and emotionally, from the very beginning. My counselor made it easy to talk to her”


“I have been using BetterHelp for a month and I am loving it, and finding it highly helpful. Make no mistake, it is not without the hard work involved in healing…This has been some of the most healthfully challenging counseling work I’ve done, and I see myself making progress whilst feeling fully supported.”


We hope that this article will help you more easily navigate the process of signing up for BetterHelp so that you can embark on your journey to better mental health. Try using the BetterHelp discount code and BetterHelp promo code we have featured for even more affordability on the already affordable service! Good luck.

Pricing Review of Betterhelp UK & Payment Options

As we’ve previously stated in the article, BetterHelp maintains a strong focus on affordability. One of the other great options about the company is they offer BetterHelp discount codes, and BetterHelp promo codes at times.

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By simply searching for BetterHelp you will be able to access an abundance of these codes, we’ll touch more on this later on in the article.

The Price:

The average cost of therapy through BetterHelp may cost you between £50-£80 per week, billed monthly. It’s important to keep in mind that pricing may vary due to a load of different factors including but not limited to; your location, your preferences, and your therapist’s availability. The payment will include one therapy session per week, and this is automatically billed to you every 4 weeks.

Options for Financial Assistance:

If BetterHelp prices are still too pricey for your budget, you may apply for financial aid for a price reduction through the company. The people that are typically considered for financial aid are: students, veterans, or those who are on subsidized governmental assistance.

You will simply need to fill out a short form that will ask you a variety of questions; such as your monthly income and employment status. For those who qualify for financial aid, you will be required to reapply for it every 3 months in order to continue receiving the discount.

Private Insurance and Government Healthcare:

BetterHelp UK does not take any private medical insurance or work through the NHS. You must pay the cost directly to the company.

betterhelp reviews uk

Pro’s and Con’s of BetterHelp UK

Before we continue this BetterHelp review UK, let’s cover the main pro’s and con’s of the service in order to help you gain a better understanding of the service.


  • Users may cancel the service at any time for any reason, there are no long-term contracts
  • The pricing is upfront and there is financial aid options available for those who qualify


  • BetterHelp is not covered by the NHS or private insurance
  • You cannot receive prescriptions or be officially diagnosed with a mental health disorder as their are no psychiatrists on staff
  • The platform is almost impossible to use if you don’t have consistent access to the internet or phone services

BetterHelp UK’s Straightforward Enrollment

Sign-Up Process:

Signing up for BetterHelp is simple and fast. You will first be required to fill out a short questionnaire on the website and it will ask you a variety of different questions.

Questions on the survey will cover current lifestyle factors such as rates of eating and sleeping, as well as mental health habits such as feeling depressed, anxious, etc. The questionnaire also conveniently asks questions that will match you up with your perfect therapist.

You will be asked about specific preferences you have for a therapist, such as the therapist’s gender, sexuality, or age. Additionally, customers may choose either individual, couples, or teen therapy options to better suit their needs.

Therapist Matching Process:

Once signed up, BetterHelp matches you with a therapist using the company’s tried and true algorithm.

Once matched, if you feel that you and the therapist will not be a good fit, you can request to change for a new one at any time. The website does not make this process complicated and you are able to switch therapists for any reason you want at any time.

Additionally, you will not be charged any payment until you are matched with a therapist and click subscribe.

Cancellation Policy:

Members may cancel whenever they want and why they want with no explanation necessary. The cancellation process is also extremely simple and no hassle-free.

Is BetterHelp UK Right for You?

There are, unfortunately, a few circumstances where this service will not be the right fit for you.

  • You are in an urgent crisis or emergency situation
  • You’re in court ordered or another authority ordered therapy
  • You don’t have a device such as a phone or computer or you don’t have reliable internet access
  • You are a minor or under the care of a legal guardian

List of BetterHelp Discount Code and BetterHelp Promo Code

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Are you curious about what BetterHelp alternatives there are in the UK? Read this article.