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Family Support

Most families encounter difficulties and discord at one time or another. However, when things become too much, professional family support can prove very helpful. Scroll down for more information about charities and organisations which specialise in this particular area.

Family Charities and Organisations

National Society For Children And Family Contact
A registered charity that works to maintain family support for children following a divorce or separation. The site contains a wealth of information for parents and families including the legal implications of separation.

The Institute Of Family Therapy
This is the biggest family therapy organisation in the UK. They provide information about family support groups, counselling services and mediation services. There’s also a clear run-down of the costs involved when pursuing professional guidance.

Family Counselling

Family counselling is aimed at helping families to overcome crisis, improve relations and provide support for problems such as illness. Family Systems Therapy is one of the most popular approaches and views the interaction between family members (mother-daughter therapy UK for instance) as a prime source of discord. It’s practitioners seeks to improve the individual’s well-being by focusing on the interconnected relations within families.

Family Helplines

Family Contact Line – 0845 120 3788
This is a national helpline that provides telephone help for people suffering from family-related problems. Based in Altringham, they offer face-to-face family support services to the local area.

Support Line – 0208 554 9004
They provide a confidential telephone service for a wide range of issues, including family difficulties. Their trained operators also have information about family support groups and counselling services.

The Family

All families experience problems and face challenges at some time or another. Issues such as bereavement and relationship problems can be the cause of a great deal of heartache which can sometimes lead to strained relations.

Divorce and illness are also common problems which can bring about significant changes and have a major impact on all concerned. Therefore support is sometimes needed to help families face challenging periods and confront difficult situations as a single, cohesive unit.