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Sexual Orientation Support

Confusion about one’s sexuality can be a source of great distress. While some people are aware of their orientation from an early age, others need time to make sense of their feelings. Fortunately, there are a number of organisations, charities and helplines which can assist in this area. Scroll down for more information or read about the best sexuality therapist, online therapy UK, and gender therapists in the UK.

Sexuality Charities and Organisations

Each Action
This award-winning charity offers help to people suffering from homophobia and provides training initiatives for preventing homophobic bullying in the workplace. They also supply a helpline for people who think they may be the victims of harassment (See above)

Pink Therapy
They are the UK’s biggest therapy organisation and provide resources about gay issues. They also have a very large directory of gay counsellors and therapists, found throughout the United Kingdom.

Sexual Orientation Counselling

Sexual orientation counselling is offered by practitioners from a wide range of therapeutic backgrounds. Non-judgemental approaches such as Client Centred Therapy may prove helpful to individuals who have sexuality issues. Many therapists are also gay affirmative, which means that they have experience in providing support to gay and lesbian people.

Sexual Orientation Helplines

Each Action – 0800 1000 143
Lines are open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm, and Saturdays 10am to 12pm. Phones are manned by advisors who give support and advice to young gay people experiencing homophobia.

Lesbian And Gay Foundation – 0845 330 30 30
Set up over 30 years ago, this well-established charity provides support to and help to gay people about issues such as HIV and homophobia. They also provide information about sexuality counselling. Lines are staffed 6pm to 10pm each evening with an automated service running from 10pm to 6pm.

Sexual Orientation Explained

Many people are afraid to express their true sexuality and ‘come out’, fearful that their friends and family will reject them. But although some family members may initially struggle with the news that their son or daughter is gay, the vast majority learn to come to terms with and accept their sexuality.

Nevertheless, it is sometimes helpful for the person to seek guidance from a professional trained to provide emotional support.

Unfortunately social prejudices cause some to subject gay people to harassment and abuse. It’s very important that anyone experiencing this kind of behaviour seeks support immediately. Fortunately there are a number of resources available to those confused about their sexual orientation.